Bed Linen Sizing Guide

Bed Linen Sizing Guide

The following index provides measurements for all items available in our online shop. If your measurements are not listed in this sizing guide, please select custom size and leave these measurements in the notes section of the check out.

Refunds or exchanges will not be given for change of mind purchase, or if your item doesn’t fit as measurements have been provided.

What is pocket depth on a fitted sheet?

  • The pocket depth indicates the height of the fitted sheet = depth of the mattress plus the tuck under the mattress.
  • Our deep sheet sizes are designed to fit deeper mattresses from Ecosa and Koala.
  • Custom made sheets means every mattress is covered – even the deepest mattress. Contact us with your measurements, and we’ll have your mattress covered.
  • It is best to buy your fitted sheet approximately 8cm deeper than your mattress. This allows for a good tuck under the mattress and avoids the common problem of fitted sheets coming off the mattress during sleep.

Fitted Sheets

Length Width Pocket Depth
Bassinet – oval Up to 75cm 40cm 10cm
Bassinet – rectangle Up to 80cm 50cm 19cm
Mini Cot 110cm 55cm 16cm
Cot – standard 135cm 77cm 19cm
Cot – round 128cm 71cm 17cm
IKEA Extendable – Small Setting 120cm 91cm 19cm
IKEA Extendable – Medium Setting 155cm 91cm 19cm
IKEA Extendable – Large Setting Please select from the single bedding category
Single 188cm 92cm *^
King Single 203cm 106cm *^
Double 188cm 138cm *^
Available in *standard depth (pocket depth of 25cm) and ^deep depth (pocket depth of 35cm)

Flat Sheets

Length Width
Mini Cot 135cm 90cm
Cot 160cm 140cm
Single 260cm 195cm
King Single 260cm 210cm
Double 260cm 245cm

Doona Covers

Length Width
Cot 120cm 100cm
Single 210cm 140cm
Double 210cm 180cm
Queen 210cm 210cm
King 210cm 245cm
Design suggestion:
* Standard doona cover sizes are based on standard mattress depths of up to 20-25cm, to ensure the mattress depth is covered.
* Use a doona and doona cover the next size larger than the mattress size, to create a deeper overhang on the sides and ends of the bed.


Length Height
Bassinet Pillow 40cm 30cm
Cot/Toddler Pillow 60cm 40cm
Standard Pillow 72cm 48cm
European Pillow 65cm 65cm