Creating the Perfect Transitional Bedroom with Ease

It is important to create a space that your little one will enjoy spending time in as well as creating a space with items that are transitional and will grow with your little one from theme to theme.

Choose a colour

We have asked some of the faces behind our favourite rooms, how they did it!
How did you create a space for your little one that is safe, beautiful and functional?
Well they all had one thing in common – COLOUR!

Everyone said that the base of a room – before you even begin purchasing items should be colour.

It could be pink for your fairy prince/princess or blue for your sea adventurer. Always start with a base colour. Your base colour could be bright and poppy or subtle and sweet.

If you are living in a rental which doesn’t allow walls to be painted to achieve the colour on the walls. Easy – Decals or wallpaper are a safe, damage free option. However it is still recommended to purchase and test out some samples before the big purchase.

Places like Blond + Noir and Minnie and Me interiors have sample packs to try before you spend big on decorating the walls and ensure that your walls are in a condition that means these will be damage free.

Everyday Items

Every day items include
– Bed
– Linen
– Clothes Storage

If you are starting at a cot, make sure you leave space to allow a bed upgrade in the near future. Otherwise if you are starting to decorate your “Big Kid” Room
Our favourite bed shops include Hide and Seek Kids , Early Settlers Furniture and Ikea

Beds from these places are perfect to transition into any and every theme as they are simple yet classy. So they won’t take “away” from the big picture. Always pick a neutral colour like white (and wood is great because it means you can paint it into your colour scheme later if you choose)

Clothes storage is your next step – do you have a built in robe? Well great that is sorted. However most people do not have built in storage in their kids rooms. So a cupboard is needed. First and foremost you want to make sure that this is anchored down to protect your children at whatever age. As these can and will be heavy with clothing in them.

Ikea have a beautiful and budget friendly range of tall boys (And low boys that can double as a sneaky changing station)

Linen comes next – now you have picked your colour theme. You want to find some linen that really helps in the whole “pop” of the room.
If you have gone the decal route (which we personally LOVE in this house) then finding sheets in your colour scheme should be easy! Blond + Noir have created some amazing matching sheets to go with your decals for the full matching effect.

If matching isn’t in your room theme, we recommend picking linen that hold different tones of your colour scheme. This could be a few shades of pink mixed with green or a navy blue that holds some mustard. This will allow you to add some “statement” coloured items in the future or easily transition from one colour to another without changing too much. Shop our linen range HERE or find our contact details to arrange a custom to suit your theme.

Mood Board It!

Now that you have your colour scheme, your main transitional items and your linen, We highly recommend creating a mood board for everything else!

Download the phone app Morpholio (Apple Users) Or Adobe Spark (Both OS Systems)
Jump on over to the Blond + Noir Mood board Challenge instagram to view some examples and some how to videos.

All these will help you to find some statement pieces to add or remove from your room before purchasing. This way you can be certain that each item is the perfect fit your your vision.

Wall and Roof Pieces

By now you can probably tell we are all about whimsical, dreamy spaces that are made to move through the years with your little one.
The canopy look is not for everyone but it is for us!
Places like Verde Baby, Paper Lee and Tutu Irresistible sell some incredible canopies (and other decor items) fit for any colour scheme!

Transitional art can be hard to find but we have spent hours hunting down the perfect artists for you. Our favourites include

Isla Dream Prints
My Hidden Forest
Elyse Howlett
Paper Lee

The Rest

Well the rest is up to you. Your options are endless and we do not doubt that the space you create will be incredible!

Remember to stick to your colour scheme and if in doubt – mood board it!

Tag us in your photos on Instagram so we can see the amazing spaces you create.

Lucy x

Pretty In Pink Themed Room Mood board With Shopping List

Created for the Blond + Noir mood board challenge, this pink room is fit for any age!
Change the bed from a cot to your choice in size and allow the room to grow with your little one.
Each item is completely transitional and can be removed or added into your own room as your little one grows.

Shopping List

Shopping the look is as simple as clicking the blue underlined names, this will take you directly to each item seen in the mood board. Please note that as most of these stores are handmade, there maybe a turn around time. So please order with ample time :)

Lucy x

Kmart Cubby House Reno

Our Story

We decided to use the empty space in our yard for good – an area for Ella to play and tend to (something she loves doing)
When we moved in, we had an area of the yard that was once dedicated to chickens. It was all fenced off with a cute little picket fence, soft fertilised soil and a mulberry tree. Perfect for something but we could not figure out what.
So four years later and one child later – we realised that we needed to create the perfect space for Ella.

It has taken about 6-9 months in planning to decide exactly what, hunt down the elusive cubby (when we decided we wanted to do a cubby, Kmart had not yet released the new version of the cubby and the old ones were going for about $500 online – untouched in a box as if straight from the store)

Our Plans

Once we realised we wanted to create a little house and yard for Ella, we knew that Christmas was the perfect time to do this. On every occasion (Birthdays & Christmas) we pick one big item (Her birthday was a swing set) and we ask that instead of small, impractical gifts. That everyone pops what they can afford (even if it is only $5) towards one big gift. This stops fights between grandparents, aunties and uncles etc. So it seems practical for us (but everyones families are different)

We had to figure out a way to bring the cubby up off the floor, as this was previously soft soil that occasionally got wet from our reticulation. We didn’t want to wood to Rot away after a few weeks in winter so we had to prepare for this.
My dad and Ellas dad both work in or close to home demolitions, so we were able to get a heap of wood and floorboards from this (and bonus is it was saved from landfill and is 100% structurally sound and no damage)

We had to build a frame and cement it in to make sure it was able to bear weight and be slightly off the floor (so it Is level and prevents rot)

Below are some photos, we also took the fence down and re put it up during this build as the fence was not secure after years of neglect (oops) – I will be repainting the fence now that it is fixeded


Please excuse the dirty BBQ – we had just cooked dinner on it when I took the photo (im not good at staging a photo haha)

Cubby House Prep and Paint

*This is just what we used, your needs may be different and you do not have to use the exact products*

If you have a good spray paint gun (unlike our cheap one that didn’t work) I suggest using that for the front as it is a fair amount of work for brushes)

What we used

  • Kmart Cubby ($199)
  • 4 L Walpamur Low Sheen Blockout UV Paint (White)
  • 4 L Walpamur Low Sheen Blockout UV Paint ( Dulux Colour: Endless Dusk )
  • Cheap Roller & Tray (For Inside)
  • 3 Pack of Cheap Paint Brushes
  • Small Brush (I substituted for an unused concealer brush as it was 11pm when I realised I needed this)
  • Tarp
  • Painters Tape
  • Seashell Door Handle (Bunnings)
  • Turps
  • Rags

Once we went and got all of this, I thought that 8L of paint seemed a bit reckless – but this cubby house EATS paint! I have maybe 1/8th of my grey tin and 1/2 of my white tin left.

The Actual Painting

I learnt this the hard way, paint the inside of the cubby house first and remove the door handle if you are replacing it! It has small cracks in the wood that leak paint through to the front. This can be avoided with painting the inside first and then a light quick sand IF any leaked (the ones I painted inside first didn’t have any leaks but the one I painted outside first had a large drip leak under the window)

I didn’t believe it but four coats later I was finally achieving the look of the paint I wanted (and I could no longer see the wood though the paint – it was a flat even coverage at four coats)

So four coats later and I was ready to turn it all over. I chose to paint the cubby as a whole in the grey (minus the roof) as I planned to do the trimming and roof in white later. This was easy to do with the brush, as the tight areas and dips in the wood meant I had to get right into all the cracks and crevices.

Keep in mind the windows and roof window are all plastic, so if you get paint on them this is where the turps and a rag comes in handy as it just wipes off – making that part so easy.

Once it was all grey, I then taped up ready for the trim (get a good quality tape and double tape that – first one push into all the crevices and the second one line up again the trim to protect the bits I wanted grey (at this point I had maybe done 25 hours of painting) The taping is something I wish I could redo as I didn’t follow my own advice up there!

*Hot tip – if you are painting the trim. Leave all the smaller planks of wood and just paint them the trim colour from the start to avoid double handling like me.

Paint away at the trim with a medium (well the smallest one in the cheap 3 pack but not your super small brush as thats for any minor touch ups) make sure you get the outside and inside (about 2 coats maybe three depending on your colour – as I chose white three was needed)

Let the paint dry and peel the tape off a few hours later and sit there all satisfied (such a good feeling)


Now you will be able to see if the paint needs any touch ups – so pull out that mini brush and touch up until your life content. But keep it clean and dry as you may find areas you missed on the build!

Add your door handle (we totally forgot about that soooooooooooo I had to hack the door handle off with a screw driver as the paint made it stick like glue!)


Clean, Build and Decorate

So now the fun bits!
Clean up those windows as personally I found it so satisfying! I could have sat there all night wiping away paint (maybe that was the turps high talking)

Once you have it all clean,  you are ready to build. So go get that power drill (if you haven’t got one that is okay. It is super easy to build. Ours was up within 10 mins with a drill)

The instructions were a little overwhelming at first but once I got into the groove it was so easy (and quick!)

We got a fake vine from Bunnings so Ella didn’t have to look at “fence” which we will be getting a second to go down to floor level. We strung up lights above the cubby and on the fence. Added some cheap potted colour to her garden beds. One thing we have not done yet is add flowers to the planter boxes – but that is coming.