Laura Muslin Blanket


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150cm x 150cm 

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Made with 100% cotton muslin. This extremely soft and delicate woven heirloom blanket is perfect for your baby.


These blankets make a great gift for a new mum, with many added bonuses.

They can be used but not limited to

– Pram Cover

– Capsule Cover

– Lightweight Blanket for Cot

– Swaddle for Newborn

– Feeding Cover

and so much more



For easy care simply

– Place in a sink with a natural liquid detergent/vinegar

– Manipulate by hand any marks or stains that may have occurred

– Squeeze any excess water out

– Hang on the line or airer to dry


To Store

– Keep these in an airtight location, without any chemicals or light close by

– Check your storage area and packaging every few months to ensure that it is still safe


If your blanket becomes damp for an extended period of time, mould may form and we ask that you throw it out as mould is harmful to little ones.

With a generous sizing, this allows for the use in the bassinet, pram and even the cot as your precious newborn grows


Size –

150cm x 150cm