Creating the Perfect Transitional Bedroom with Ease

It is important to create a space that your little one will enjoy spending time in as well as creating a space with items that are transitional and will grow with your little one from theme to theme.

Choose a colour

We have asked some of the faces behind our favourite rooms, how they did it!
How did you create a space for your little one that is safe, beautiful and functional?
Well they all had one thing in common – COLOUR!

Everyone said that the base of a room – before you even begin purchasing items should be colour.

It could be pink for your fairy prince/princess or blue for your sea adventurer. Always start with a base colour. Your base colour could be bright and poppy or subtle and sweet.

If you are living in a rental which doesn’t allow walls to be painted to achieve the colour on the walls. Easy – Decals or wallpaper are a safe, damage free option. However it is still recommended to purchase and test out some samples before the big purchase.

Places like Blond + Noir and Minnie and Me interiors have sample packs to try before you spend big on decorating the walls and ensure that your walls are in a condition that means these will be damage free.

Everyday Items

Every day items include
– Bed
– Linen
– Clothes Storage

If you are starting at a cot, make sure you leave space to allow a bed upgrade in the near future. Otherwise if you are starting to decorate your “Big Kid” Room
Our favourite bed shops include Hide and Seek Kids , Early Settlers Furniture and Ikea

Beds from these places are perfect to transition into any and every theme as they are simple yet classy. So they won’t take “away” from the big picture. Always pick a neutral colour like white (and wood is great because it means you can paint it into your colour scheme later if you choose)

Clothes storage is your next step – do you have a built in robe? Well great that is sorted. However most people do not have built in storage in their kids rooms. So a cupboard is needed. First and foremost you want to make sure that this is anchored down to protect your children at whatever age. As these can and will be heavy with clothing in them.

Ikea have a beautiful and budget friendly range of tall boys (And low boys that can double as a sneaky changing station)

Linen comes next – now you have picked your colour theme. You want to find some linen that really helps in the whole “pop” of the room.
If you have gone the decal route (which we personally LOVE in this house) then finding sheets in your colour scheme should be easy! Blond + Noir have created some amazing matching sheets to go with your decals for the full matching effect.

If matching isn’t in your room theme, we recommend picking linen that hold different tones of your colour scheme. This could be a few shades of pink mixed with green or a navy blue that holds some mustard. This will allow you to add some “statement” coloured items in the future or easily transition from one colour to another without changing too much. Shop our linen range HERE or find our contact details to arrange a custom to suit your theme.

Mood Board It!

Now that you have your colour scheme, your main transitional items and your linen, We highly recommend creating a mood board for everything else!

Download the phone app Morpholio (Apple Users) Or Adobe Spark (Both OS Systems)
Jump on over to the Blond + Noir Mood board Challenge instagram to view some examples and some how to videos.

All these will help you to find some statement pieces to add or remove from your room before purchasing. This way you can be certain that each item is the perfect fit your your vision.

Wall and Roof Pieces

By now you can probably tell we are all about whimsical, dreamy spaces that are made to move through the years with your little one.
The canopy look is not for everyone but it is for us!
Places like Verde Baby, Paper Lee and Tutu Irresistible sell some incredible canopies (and other decor items) fit for any colour scheme!

Transitional art can be hard to find but we have spent hours hunting down the perfect artists for you. Our favourites include

Isla Dream Prints
My Hidden Forest
Elyse Howlett
Paper Lee

The Rest

Well the rest is up to you. Your options are endless and we do not doubt that the space you create will be incredible!

Remember to stick to your colour scheme and if in doubt – mood board it!

Tag us in your photos on Instagram so we can see the amazing spaces you create.

Lucy x